Cooper City Chiropractor Discusses Vertigo and PPPD

Those suffering from vertigo for a certain amount of time are very likely to have an increased risk of developing Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness or PPPD. Learn more about this condition that not many people have heard of and get to the bottom of the issue! If you’re in need of a form of relief that’s drug-free and all-natural, then our trusted Cooper City chiropractor has got you covered!

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Our Cooper City chiropractor offers drug-free solutions. Ready to step away from the spin? Contact us at 954-866-9178 or click below to schedule an appointment. Embrace stability today!

Cooper City Chiropractor Shares 5 Natural Solutions for Meniere's

When you have Meniere's Disease, your balance, spatial orientation, and hearing are bound to get affected. Deciding the best course of action may be hard for you, so we rounded up five natural remedies worth trying! A particular remedy our Cooper City Chiropractor recommends is also available for anyone yearning for long-lasting relief! Explore your options and learn how you can better care for your body despite having Meniere’s!

Our Upper Cervical doctors do their best to give top-notch care and an opportunity to activate the body's innate self-healing abilities. You may request an appointment with us by calling 954-866-9178 or clicking the button below.

How Often Can Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Attacks Occur?

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Do you have Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV? If you do, how often do your attacks occur? Once a week? Twice or four times, perhaps? Have you exhausted various remedies for vertigo but experienced minimal improvements? Are you concerned that your BPPV episodes might occur while lifting weights in the gym or taking the train to work?

Your fears and worries are very real. And truth be told, quite many can easily relate to what you’re going through. In fact, a lot of people seeking Davie vertigo Chiropractic Care from our practice always ask us, what’s the normal range of BPPV attack frequency? How do you know if the issue has become chronic? Am I beyond saving? Let’s help you gauge the severity of your situation.


Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Episodes Can Be Quite Unpredictable

Many patients diagnosed with BPPV note that their episodes don’t observe a distinct pattern. Instead, their vertigo attacks happen without warning. This is all because of the displaced or dislodged crystals inside the inner ears. Fragments of the otolith organ – a tiny structure in the ear that aids in detecting movements can get stuck in places they shouldn’t be. They interfere with your inner ears’ normal function causing you to detect amplified signals when you tilt your head.  

As a result, every time you move your head or shift from one position to another (which can be several times a day), you will likely experience disorienting vertigo episodes.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

What You Can Do To Cope: BPPV Tips

Life can quickly turn hellish when you have a chronic vestibular disorder like BPPV. That’s why it pays to have your go-to options for relief. Below is a quick list of vertigo remedies that you can try to explore:

Mind your movements

Because sudden movements can immediately trigger an attack, you might find it helpful to be extra wary. Take your time when shifting from one position to the next so you can avoid overwhelming your inner ears and organs of balance. 

Try the Epley Maneuver

The displaced calcium crystal in your inner ears can dissolve over time, but it may be worth seeking a therapist and trying the Epley Maneuver technique. This vertigo remedy helps re-locate displaced fragments of the otolith away from the fluid-filled sections of the ears. It also helps recalibrate your balance organs so they can gradually work smoothly again. It can also aid in minimizing the severity of your episodes just until the crystals completely dissolve and get reabsorbed by the body. 

Upper Cervical Care

Gentle neck bone adjustments are necessary for BPPV patients with a history of concussions, whiplash, and similar injuries. That’s because cervical spine misalignments can interfere with the transmission of signals to and from your brain. Furthermore, it can affect blood flow to the brain (another risk factor for vestibular problems beyond BPPV). 

Thankfully, you can restore balance in your nervous and vestibular system through a carefully devised Davie vertigo Chiropractic Care plan. This would allow you to manage your episodes better and go back to your normal routine in no time.

benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, Davie vertigo Chiropractic Care

Schedule Your Appointment with a Trusted Davie vertigo Chiropractic Care Doctor

Having BPPV can be limiting, but thanks to proven remedies such as Upper Cervical Chiropractic, it is possible to lead a healthy and satisfying life. Contact Thrive Spinal Care to get your C1 and C2 bones examined. This way, you can receive gentle adjustments to help boost your body’s ability to heal and recover from the undetected effects of your previous injuries.


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Chiropractor in Cooper City Tackles Peripheral and Central Vertigo Distinctions

Did you know that the two types of vertigo differ primarily through the source of the symptom? Learn more about peripheral and central vertigo and what other factors make them different. Take a step towards natural healing with the type of care our chiropractor in Cooper City has recommended.

Dr. Granger and Dr. Maxson do their best to give top-notch care and an opportunity to activate the body's innate self-healing abilities. You may request an appointment with us by calling 954-866-9178 or clicking the button below.

Kitchen Ingredients You Can Use to Combat Dizzying Spells

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The kitchen is among the busiest rooms in the house. And as it turns out, the kitchen is also one of the best places where you can find a potential source of significant Davie vertigo relief. Yes, you read that right: vertigo relief in the kitchen. It’s an unexpected place, but it does house potent ingredients that can help you curb your symptoms and lead a vertigo-free life. Let’s tackle them one by one. 

1. Ginger

Anyone who loves to indulge in Asian dishes like Vietnamese Pho and Sashimi are familiar with ginger. Besides elevating the taste of hearty meals with its distinct smell and sweet and spicy flavor, ginger also offers several health benefits. For starters, it can help alleviate nausea, vertigo, and dizziness. It’s unclear how it can help relieve spinning sensations, but it’s worth considering, especially if you are keen on trying a natural remedy. 

Depending on your preference, you can take it in tea or capsulated supplements. If you have access to fresh ginger, you can try adding a small slice to your herbal tonic and soups. 

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Plenty of health buffs take apple cider vinegar in its natural or encapsulated form for various reasons. One of which is to help improve cerebral blood flow. Some patients dilute two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a bit of honey in one glass of water. You can try doing the same when you experience sudden bouts of vertigo or dizziness. 

3. Almonds

If you’re not allergic to almonds, you might find it helpful to snack on them daily to curb your vertigo episodes. According to studies, almonds contain high levels of Vitamin A, B, and E, which can help alleviate spinning sensations and maintain optimal health. They also help boost nerve health – a crucial factor affecting your chances of resolving recurring vertigo attacks.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

4. Citrus 

Citrus fruits contain heaps of Vitamin C – an essential vitamin associated with vertigo relief. A Japanese study found that Vitamin C intake can help alleviate the symptoms of patients diagnosed with Meniere’s disease – a vestibular disorder that can affect your sense of balance. Hence, you might find it extra helpful to consume at least one serving of citrusy fruit like oranges, strawberries, and grapefruits. 

5. Tomatoes, Avocadoes, and Bananas

Potassium-rich food products such as avocadoes, bananas, and tomatoes can help you maintain proper fluid regulation. Hence, eating these can ease pressure on a compressed or irritated vestibular nerve or labyrinthitis.

6. Whole grains

It will help to include whole grains in your diet if you want to alleviate your symptoms. They contain high amounts of magnesium and vitamin B which can help keep your nervous system and vestibular organs in good shape. If you don’t have sensitivities to whole grains, we strongly recommend including them to your weekly meal plans.


Food to Avoid When You Have Vertigo

While there are plenty of health-boosting ingredients that can help combat dizziness and vertigo, there are some that can hinder you from enjoying Davie vertigo relief. A few examples of these products include:

kitchen ingredients, Davie vertigo relief

Other Possible Sources of Davie Vertigo Relief

Besides tapping into everyday items in your kitchen pantry or refrigerator, you might also find trying other Davie vertigo relief sources helpful. These include: 

We highly recommend speaking with your general physician or ear doctor to know how you can restore the normal function of your vestibular system and lessen the recurrence of your vertigo episodes. You can also try to research more about these techniques and remedies to know which ones will suit you best. 

It’s also imperative to rule out potentially dangerous causes of dizzying spells and vertigo attacks such as hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. Ensure your case doesn’t require emergency care before seeking alternative healthcare options.


Work With Our Upper Cervical Chiropractic Doctors

Vertigo attacks should never take over your life! We strongly suggest exploring upper cervical chiropractic care if you have been experiencing severe spinning sensations. It’s a helpful remedy for vertigo that eliminates postural problems impacting vestibular and nervous system function. 

Many patients who previously experienced severe vertigo attacks have had a positive experience with upper cervical care. After helping their neck bones shift back to their original alignment, they noticed less frequent attacks. It has also helped them improve their spinal posture and address symptoms like throbbing headaches and stiff neck. If you would like to tap into a different approach to resolving or managing your vertigo-causing health concern, we suggest giving upper cervical care a try. 

Our upper cervical chiropractic doctors can help you assess neck bone misalignments. Both can provide gentle neck bone manipulations to relieve pressure on your brainstem and vestibular nerve. Their specially designed neck bone adjustments can also resolve neurovascular compression – a risk factor for recurring vertigo attacks. 

Find out how you can move forward and feel less severe vertigo symptoms with the help of gentle and precise atlas bone adjustments. Contact us at Thrive Spinal Care through our web form or telephone number, 954-866-9178. Our team looks forward to helping you unlock a healthier and happier life with your loved ones!


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Finding Vertigo Relief in Cooper City With The Help of Essential Oils

If you've been looking for a natural and drug-free solution for your vertigo, you might want to try out vertigo relief in Cooper City. We've got a list of the best essential oils and their benefits to people experiencing spinning sensations. Moreover, we shared about the role of an upper cervical chiropractor in improving a vertigo sufferer's overall wellbeing.

Dr. Granger does his best to give a smooth experience and an opportunity to activate the body's innate self-healing abilities. You may request an appointment with us by calling 954-866-9178 or clicking the button below.

How to Maintain Your Balance Amidst a Vertigo Attack

balance, vertigo chiropractor in Cooper City

Have you ever felt like the floor of your room was spinning? Or perhaps you've felt like you are spinning lying in bed? If so, then you likely have experienced vertigo. Vertigo is a common condition that affects millions of people in the United States. It causes people to feel dizzy, lightheaded, and off balance. Thousands of people come to a vertigo chiropractor in Cooper City to cope better with this symptom.

However, not everyone completely understands how it works. Studies explain that it is not a disease or an illness in itself. Instead, it's a symptom of an underlying problem such as a neurological disorder or an ear infection.


Most Probable Vertigo Causes

Dr. Granger, our vertigo chiropractor in Cooper City is no stranger to hearing stories about recurring vertigo attacks. Notably, most individuals with this symptom have a problem with the sensory nerves located in the semicircular canals within the inner ear. 

As you might remember from your anatomy classes, the semicircular canals are three small, fluid-filled tubes responsible for monitoring and regulating balance in your body. 

When these tubes lose their ability to function correctly, they transmit faulty or confusing signals to the brain, causing you to experience vertigo and loss of balance. 

The disruption in your semicircular canals can also affect how you navigate your environment and increase risks for injury-causing events such as falling over on your face or slipping on the floor.


How does vertigo affect you and your life?

Vertigo attacks cause many problems ranging. It can also affect people quite differently based on age, work background, and pre-existing health concerns. 

Notably, besides limiting your physical capabilities, frequent vertigo attacks can also leave you susceptible to mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, low confidence, and demotivation. Getting caught up in the cycle of self-loathing is easy when you can't do anything but wait for your vertigo episodes to fade or disappear.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

Ways to Secure Balance in Your Life

Despite having vertigo, there are still some things that you can do to help yourself and maintain balance in your life. Our vertigo chiropractor in Cooper City suggests doing the following:


Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Helps with Vertigo

Upper cervical chiropractic care can be effective in managing vertigo. Chiropractic adjustments address vertebral subluxations, which are small but significant misalignments of the spinal bones that affect the nervous system and organs. 

These misalignments can result in dizziness and imbalance or cause symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and other vertigo-related ailments. The adjustments help realign the spine so that it functions properly. It can also improve blood flow to the brain, restore balance in your vestibular system and eliminate the pain you may feel in your upper back or neck area due to postural misalignments.


Upper Cervical Care Basics

Upper cervical chiropractic care is a natural remedy focusing on the spine and nervous system. It can help with many symptoms, including dizziness and spinning sensations. It's a decades old method that has help redefine healing and recovery for various cervical subluxation-related health problems like vertigo attacks and balance problems. 

The technique involves mobilizing or adjusting your neck bones according to the results of the initial X-ray scans of your cervical spine. It also incorporates several diagnostic procedures to gauge the impact of the misaligned topmost neck bones. 

Once our chiropractor fully understands the severity of your C1 and C2 bone misalignment, you can start receiving precise and gentle adjustments. It can take several weeks to retrain the spine, but you can notice significant improvements in your vertigo attacks during the first few adjustments.


Dr. Jason Granger – A Trusted Vertigo Chiropractor In Cooper City 

Vertigo and dizziness – whether brought on by a concussion, inner ear problem, or other spinal misalignment conditions – can make it difficult for you to perform simple everyday activities, like getting dressed or walking around the block. If you don't receive proper diagnosis and patient care, your symptoms might worsen and lead to long-term health issues.

Luckily, there are chiropractors at Thrive Spinal Care who actively help patients with balance issues caused by cervical subluxation. 

Dr. Jason Granger is one of the best vertigo chiropractors in Cooper City, Florida. He is also a certified NUCCA doctor, which means you can always expect to receive gentle neck adjustments. 

He assists a broad spectrum of patients with their dizzying or spinning sensations by providing an in-depth analysis of the topmost part of the cervical spine. Young or old, Dr. Granger does his best to give a smooth experience and an opportunity to activate the body's innate self-healing abilities.

He offers his service Monday through Friday from 8 am until 6 pm so that no matter when you're ready to walk into his office (or call), he'll be there waiting to lend you a hand. 

You can book your appointment with us online or via phone at 954-866-9178.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Granger, call our Cooper City office at 954-866-9178. You can also click the button below.

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