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How Seeing a Cooper City Migraine Chiropractor Can Help You

Migraine sufferers in the country amount to 32 million individuals, and sadly, most of them suffer from recurring attacks. It's a highly complex neurological problem that studies associate with various health mishaps such as a cervical subluxation or neck bone misalignment. As the go-to Cooper City migraine chiropractor, Thrive Spinal Care thought of shedding light on how migraine works and why more and more people tap into NUCCA care for help.

Our chiropractic doctors, Dr. Jason Granger and Dr. Chris Maxson have met with countless migraineurs. Hence, they have extensive knowledge and experience in providing significant relief with the help of the NUCCA Chiropractic technique.

A Brief Review on Migraine Attacks

Besides being a widespread health concern, migraines are also among the leading causes of disabilities in the country. That's because the pain can get so severe that it can prevent an affected individual from functioning at total capacity. It's also a significant problem that affects the country's economy because it results in up $11 billion in medical costs and another S11 billion loss due to declining productivity levels at work.

It affects many individuals ranging from working professionals to school-aged kids and seniors. In addition, studies have categorized migraine attacks into several types, including:

Hormonal or menstrual migraine

Silent migraine

Ocular migraine

Migraine with aura

Migraine without aura

Hemiplegic migraine

Affected individuals must have in-depth knowledge of their migraine episodes to provide helpful insights during a visit to a doctor or a migraine chiropractic clinic near Cooper City. Hence, it would be wise to learn more about the different types of migraines and track patterns or other worth noting information about each episode you experience.

We also suggest noting your migraine triggers, existing or additional health problems, and reaction or progress when using specific migraine remedies. The more well-defined notes or discoveries you have, the better help you can receive from a healthcare professional such as a NUCCA doctor.

Why The Neck Bone Alignment and Structure Matters for Migraine Relief

Studies have yet to find what prompts a migraine episode. However, some researchers believe it might be related to the neck or cervical spine structure. Notably, small changes in the neck can set off a string of problems, including:

Poor circulation of blood to your neck and head

Blocked or impaired transmission of brain and brainstem signals

Neurovascular compression (which can set off balance problems and impaired brainstem function)

Stiff and painful cervical spine muscles and joints

These health issues can contribute to or aggravate your migraine attacks. Hence, you might find it helpful to seek Upper Cervical Chiropractic, a technique that aims to resolve the root cause of it all.

Who should seek a NUCCA chiropractor in Cooper City FL?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a decades-old methodology that allows patients to rectify postural problems. Chiropractic doctors who practice this technique can sometimes undergo additional training for a more specific approach to correcting the alignment of the C1 and C2 bones. One of these techniques is NUCCA Chiropractic.

It aims to dislodge the neck bones safely so you can restore your spine's natural curvature and resolve the issues that come with cervical subluxations. It would help to look out for common indicators of postural problems along the cervical spine, such as the following:

Painful, stiff, or sore neck

Unlevelled gait

Noticeable hip and knee misalignments

Headaches that don't seem to improve

Unexplainable fatigue

We also highly recommend working closely with an Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctor if you previously sustained injuries that hurt your head and neck or have herniated discs or degenerative disc disease. You can also pay a visit to a Cooper City migraine chiropractor if you tick any of the items below:

You work long hours sitting in front of a computer or driving trailer trucks

You have repetitive injuries due to having a tech neck or working at an assembly line

You are an expecting mom with a growing belly

You have exhausted every migraine remedy possible but experienced little to no relief

How can a NUCCA doctor make a difference in your migraine episode?

Cervical spine misalignments are common in the USA, but sadly most people who have it are oblivious about their posture problems until they start having chronic health complaints like migraines.

If you believe or suspect having postural problems, we suggest getting your neck bones assessed by one of our NUCCA chiropractic doctors. You will need to undergo diagnostic tests like physical examination and x-ray scans of the neck to understand how your spinal structure changed. In addition, our Upper Cervical doctors will also look into factors that may be contributing to your cervical subluxation.

The results from your initial diagnosis will provide the critical insights needed to plan your cervical spine adjustments. These insights include the vectors needed when tilting your neck and applying the force to dislodge the misaligned neck bones.

Many patients have experienced massive migraine relief after seeking a NUCCA chiropractor. Notably, some return a few times to retrain their cervical spine, while others report significant improvements in their symptoms after their first visit. Of course, each case is different, so our chiropractic doctors customize and explain what to expect from each visit. They also provide ample guidance on how to keep the neck bones in proper alignment.

Anyone Looking for a Migraine Chiropractic Clinic Near Cooper City Can Visit Us

Migraine attacks can easily overwhelm you if you let them. Find out if NUCCA Chiropractic will make an excellent migraine remedy for you by heading over to our office at 5560 S. Flamingo Rd. Cooper City, FL 33330. We can have your neck bones checked by one of our NUCCA doctors so you can begin planning how to move forward with your debilitating condition.

Thrive Spinal Care is committed to helping patients like you restore balance in the cervical spine to prevent issues like neurovascular compression and brainstem compression. We have helped several patients who complained of frequent and severe migraines. Dr. Jason Granger and Dr. Chris Maxson have in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the cervical spine and a deep appreciation for the art and discipline of NUCCA Chiropractic.

Book your appointment with us today to learn more about your upper cervical bone misalignments and their role in your recurring migraine attacks. You can reach us through our online contact form or by telephone at 954-866-9178.


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