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Thrive Spinal Care — A Cooper City Vertigo Chiropractor You Can Trust

Thousands of people seek a Cooper City vertigo chiropractor each day. That’s because vertigo attacks stem from myriad health concerns – from the simplest ones to the most complicated illnesses and disorders. While it’s not always an emergency, it can adversely affect your life. It can also increase the risks of accidents, injuries, and other untoward incidents. Find out how you can potentially achieve vertigo relief with the help of gentle cervical spine manipulations.

Why Vertigo Happens – A Quick Review

Vertigo is a symptom that can indicate various issues ranging from benign paroxysmal vertigo to tumor growth on the brainstem or vestibular nerve. Are you familiar with these things? If not, let’s help you get acquainted with them. Here’s a quick overview of all the possible triggers of your spinning sensations:

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

It’s a condition that stems from dislodged fragments of otoliths – an inner ear structure that detects gravitational acceleration.

Meniere’s Disease

It’s a vestibular illness that primarily develops because of abnormal fluid buildup in the inner ears. The additional pressure from the fluid compresses the vestibular nerve, affecting the signals transmitted to the brain.

Acoustic Neuroma

This condition is otherwise known as vestibular schwannoma. It’s a medical term to describe tumor growth on the vestibular nerve, a nervous system tissue that plays a crucial role in detecting sounds and movements.

Inner Ear Infection

Ear infections like vestibular neuritis and labyrinthitis can affect your sense of balance and proprioception. That’s because they trigger an inflammatory response that compresses your vestibular organs.

Brainstem Irritation

Cervical subluxation or neck bone shifting can lead to an irritated brainstem. Unfortunately, this can affect how your brain communicates with your vestibular system, causing you to experience spinning sensations.

In rare cases, vertigo attacks can also stem from stroke or heart problems like hypertension. If you suspect having any health concerns, you must seek emergency care or dial 911 as soon as you feel your symptoms.

Vertigo Diagnosis: How it Works and What to Expect

Anyone looking for a Cooper City vertigo chiropractor knows the importance of seeking a timely diagnosis from a healthcare practitioner. That’s because vertigo attacks can indicate varying health concerns. It can also co-exist with other underlying diseases and disorders. As a result, getting a comprehensive diagnosis of your condition is crucial to managing your spinning sensations.

Doing so will help you assess your risk and develop your game plan. It will also help you find procedures, medications, and other potential sources of vertigo relief. Here are some of the usual things done to diagnose the root cause of vertigo attacks:

Medical History Assessment

Physical Examination

Hearing Tests

MRI or CT Scans

Neurological Assessment

The sooner your condition is assessed by your general physician, audiologist, or ENT doctor, the better prognosis you can get. It will also help you work around the challenges of frequent vertigo episodes.

Can a chiropractor get rid of vertigo?

Countless people wonder whether a chiropractor can get rid of vertigo. After all, it can be hard to imagine how minute changes in the spinal bones can alter one’s ability to perceive movements and balance issues. So, is it really possible to relieve the spinning sensation with the help of chiropractic care? Studies say yes!

People who experience mild to severe vertigo attacks nowadays experience massive relief with the help of Upper Cervical Chiropractic. The technique removes pressure on your brainstem and vestibular system. Notably, neck bone misalignments – a common problem that stems from neck and head trauma and poor posture – can impact your vestibular organ.

Studies explain that when the neck bones (C1 and C2 vertebra) shift even by the smallest degree, they can impinge on nearby tissues. These structures include the brainstem – the nervous system’s superhighway for nerve signals. Additionally, the postural problem can affect fluid balance in the inner ears because of impaired drainage and compressed blood vessels.

Upper Cervical Care’s art and discipline hinge on this fundamental framework of the body. Naturally, by correcting the postural problem, you can potentially cancel out the problems and restore balance in your body.

Who needs NUCCA Chiropractic care?

Postural imbalances, especially in the cervical spine, are highly prevalent. That’s because the unique structure of the C1 and C2 neck bone increase their likelihood of shifting away from the body’s central axis. Even the force from tilting your head for long hours due to mobile gadget use can contribute to your posture problem. Here’s a quick list of the conditions, events, and other factors that can potentially cause or aggravate cervical subluxation:

Previously sustained head or neck trauma

Poor sitting or standing posture

Car or sports-related accidents

Birth-related injuries or stress

Repetitive neck injuries

Disc degeneration

Rheumatoid arthritis

If you have any of the risk factors above, it will help to consider NUCCA to relieve vertigo. A thorough assessment of your upper cervical bones might provide helpful insights into your health and your dizzying or spinning sensations.

How long do patients need to wait to see results?

Each case of cervical subluxation varies because of certain factors. As a result, Upper Cervical doctors such as Dr. Jason Granger and Dr. Chris Maxson of Thrive Spinal Care develop customized care plans. Additionally, patients might have varying experiences with doctors. Some might only require a few adjustments to correct their head and alignment, while others might need several spinal bone manipulations.

Here are some examples of the factors taken into consideration when planning how to correct spinal misalignments:

How long the neckbone misalignments have been existing

Pre-existing health problems you might have (osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, etc.)

Your lifestyle choices (type of work, stress level, injuries risk, etc.)

In addition to these factors, Upper Cervical doctors must look at your C1 and C2 bone alignment through diagnostic tests like X-ray scans and gait assessment. It’s crucial to book an appointment with a board-certified chiropractic doctor to know exactly how you can proceed and what adjustments you might need to make to avoid aggravating your posture problem and vertigo-causing condition.

Visit Our Chiropractic Office in Cooper City FL for Vertigo Relief

Are you ready to try Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Cooper City? Dr. Jason Granger and Dr. Chris Maxson are here to lend you a hand! Get in touch with our NUCCA Chiropractic physicians to learn more about how cervical spine adjustments work and why many patients highly recommend them for vertigo relief. We suggest booking an appointment online or calling our team at 954-866-9178.


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