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Debunking Neck Pain Misconceptions and Myths

neck pain, Davie chiropractor

Are you guilty of believing in popular neck pain myths you come across on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms? Have your symptoms worsened since you followed useless “hacks” online, and you fear that your pain will never leave you in peace? 

You’re not the only one stuck in this predicament. Quite a number of people scheduling visits to a Davie chiropractor have fallen victim to unverified information, myths, and misconceptions about neck pain. Read on to familiarize yourself with these misleading “facts” and discover how you can potentially rid yourself of neck pain once and for all.


Myths and Misconceptions About Neck pain

Several common misconceptions and myths are believed by many when it comes to neck pain. Let's take a look at some of these myths and why they aren't accurate: 

#1. Only manual laborers develop neck pain

While manual laborers have a high chance of developing neck pain, it's not just them who can experience this. Office-based and work-from-home employees also seek a Davie chiropractor for their achy necks. Many desk workers also complain of neck pain due to sitting in front of a screen for long hours daily. Sometimes, the whole work-from-home set-up is also not ergonomic; hence the neck and back are not fully supported during work.

#2. Rest is all you need

Getting enough rest is good, but staying in bed for extended periods beyond the recommended time may be worse for your neck and can even increase your chances of developing additional issues. Make sure to follow your doctor’s recommendation and try to integrate light exercises that may be necessary to help restore your neck's flexibility.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and neck pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

#3. Blame your genes

Although some kinds of neck pain can be hereditary, neck issues usually result from your activities or accidents. So if you're dealing with chronic neck pain, being more mindful of your hobbies or mundane activities may help determine if any of them influence your condition.

#4. Neck pain comes with age

While the body deals with normal wear and tear as you age, patients who seek neck pain relief vary in age and background. Not all are older adults, yet it's not uncommon for age to influence physical woes, making them susceptible to neck pain. It's not an exclusive condition for the aging members of our population.

Neck pain can happen to anyone, and it's non-selective. Remember that your neck plays a crucial role in connecting the head to the other body parts. Therefore, you must address neck problems as soon as possible so it can support the body with greater ease. 

#5. Pain is all in the mind

Physical pain is real and not imaginary. Although it’s not “visible” like other symptoms like swelling or bruising, they can persist and cause debilitating effects on your body. The symptom can also affect other aspects of day to day life like your emotional well-being, relationships, mood, and even perception and cognition. 

#6. It's best to keep your pain to yourself

This is a BIG NO. You only do more harm than good when you endure the pain and keep it to yourself. Delaying a consultation with your healthcare provider can lead to more stress and pain. Avoid ignoring your pain and moving forward with your routine, as it might aggravate neck pain and lead to something worse.

#7. There is a pill for everything

While medications are a big help, it's not the only way to help your body cope. There are many alternative and natural care options available for relief nowadays. Also, you must avoid self-medicating at all costs. This could lead to long-term issues and even drug dependency. Make sure you seek medical guidance to determine what sort of pain medication applies to your situation and how much you need to take for a specific timeframe.

neck pain, Davie chiropractor

Book Your Appointment With a Friendly Davie Chiropractor

Upper cervical chiropractic adjustments are a natural method to help you sort out neck pain issues. This type of chiropractic care focuses on realigning the misaligned vertebrae on the upper cervical spine carefully and gently without using force or manipulation. If you’re not sure why you should consider this option, try asking the following questions:

  • Do you have a history of concussions or whiplash injuries? 
  • Is the aching sensation improving or has it gotten worse over time?
  • Are there additional symptoms besides neck pain, such as tingling or numbing in the arms and legs, debilitating headaches, and frequent vertigo attacks?
  • Have you noticed changes in your gait or shoulder and hip level?
  • Have you tried other means to alleviate neck pain but failed to see desirable results?  

If the questions above lead to a “yes” or positive response, you need to consider seeking upper cervical care. It’s about time you stop wasting your time, money, and resources and focus on resolving the root cause of your symptom: an atlas subluxation.

Several months or years ago, your neck might have suffered from connective tissue damage that caused undetected changes to your atlas and axis bone (topmost neck bones) alignment. This might be the very reason why your muscles are still tense and achy despite all of the efforts you made for relaxing your mind and body.

If you're in pursuit of a natural and alternative method for neck pain relief, upper cervical care may help you. We also strongly recommend consulting with our Davie upper cervical chiropractor. Book your appointment with us to check your spinal alignment and determine if upper cervical chiropractic adjustments suit you.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Granger, call our Cooper City office at 954-866-9178. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

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